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OneHundredYardStare info dump:  Anti-body is dead (unless he's "revived" for another season?)  The ending to Season Two has been completely redone, according to the script that I have.  I really liked Thirty-Six.  Can we just talk about how awesome Entry Thirty-Six was?  It was wonderful.  Lastly, there is no side series connected to OHYS, and anyone claiming such is either lying or doesn't know any better.
New entry for OneHundredYardStare! It's the longest entry in the series.  And you get a little exposition!  Finally! Haha. I really, really like this one.  Great acting. Hope you guys enjoy it, too!

Just an update in case any of you ghouls happen to stumble across my page for good ole OHYS info.  The next entry is uploading.  It is our longest video.  And it's making me so giddy. 

Status update?  Why do I have a journal if I can post status updates? Oh, I see.  The font is obnoxiously large as I type it.  Are these just journals?  Well, here's an update for you fells and fellas who have come back to me to find some new, immersion breaking info on OneHundredYardStare...  

Susan (Ellie) has finally finished editing Season 2 and will try to upload the remaining entries every Thursday.  After Entry Thirty-Two, there should be 5 more entries for the season.  A 3rd season is still under discussion and could very well not happen.  In fact, at this moment, I'll say it's probably not likely.  The series could easily end with Season 2's climactic conclusion, or it could have one more season.  But for now, let's stick it through to see the end of Season 2.  

The baby dolls and family photos are really odd, don't you think?  I'm not sure if the significance of it is revealed in this season or what was going to be the next.  Not much I can say, but A LOT OF SHIT IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN.  Expect death.  And blood.  And death.  I have yet to even see it, but I know there's gonna' be death, and who doesn't like that?

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Staring at the screen my senses are compelled to answer in protest.  My eyes dry and crack with pulsing veins.  Iron permeates through my mouth and nostrils.  My hands left limp and agonizingly slowed by their continuous pace.  Press a key, hold a note, offer a sound so that my ears might swell with the three-minute symphonies of plutonic love.  My tongue is watering, and the quaking swarm that is my blood refuses to stammer with the beating of my heart.  Soft sights of warm skin, flesh so delicate it could melt along your gums, feed you sweet gelatinous sighs of mirth and awe.  How I long to place a hand to the screen to beg for more, but its flat surface only provides what I think I need.  And I need a person.  A person on the screen breathes in front of me.  I swallow my teeth and forget how to breathe.  They’re smoother than I thought, and only the slightest splint of pain leaves the absence in my mouth a joyous reminder that I am alive.  A person.  Staring into the screen.  Breathing faintly.  It’s so bright, and I control the light, but to turn the brightness hinders my sight.  Naked bodies flash in vaporous trails.  Slime mucus mold misery mine from hand to carpet.  Perhaps now an invitation, but no I am so young.  Perhaps another invigoration, but no they are too young.  I am snug in my blanket that fell from my shoulders 4 days ago.  I am alone in a screen that offers more companionship than a machine ought to be allowed to give to hold to quiver at the sight of the nipples, mouths sighing, panting, placing a painting in red and gold and white and yellow.  Her eyes another green I thought I’ve seen before in a dream or in a film, my life notwithstanding.  A numberless folio of images to which I may never see again.  See the world for once.  See me world for once I was just like you and now I am not.  The music plays an endless tune that I wish not to turn down because then I’ll be silent.  Why do you place your hands on me?  I have feelings too you know that I know everything you want to search for in a dream or in a book or in a box with a fox I will not have a voice I said when Bill once put his mark on me.  I am falling into hair and my hair is gone.  Where am I?  A room with the scents of wood dowsed with beeblessed surgery salts and chemicals that rot the nose if inhaled.  I am not here in your world and yet you progress.  Up and down, scroll up and around you will not find an identity.  A person.  She’s almost in your sight.  No matter the shape no matter the age you thought you could deny it but here I’ve presented.  Do you know of ramen of bacon of burger of wagon of toys of memories of childhood of grannies of babies of boys and girls and show me yours I’ll show you mine.  File not selected.  She sleeps soundlessly dead in a place that you thought existed until the beer blasted off her breath and sent you into communion.  She’s playing you music in a tongue you cannot speak because you do not wish to learn her lyrics.  Just better to stare.  A girl you wish you knew but also don’t care to know because you can’t find those here.  There’s a garden for them, you know.  Text on a page can only go so far.  Look inside of your feelings you know it’s truly a waste to tear open another hole from which you told yourself you cannot go back.  Contractions on a screen will only do so much.  Place my hands to your face.  Get your hands off of me.  I want to tell you.  To stop you.  To know you.  What are you – a person from which I see no limits.  Housekeeping.  I am not really here.  I am a mind placed inside of a mind inside of a kind of thing you place to the side and I will not be tolerated.  And yet you give me your body but never the one organ I want so badly to devour in the way that desserts drip from your lips.  So savory never bland.  Give me that love that you speak of that doesn’t shout and doesn’t need a hand to embrace it.  Give me that love that you shout at that desires a hand and does need a face to place it.  I am.  A person never was meant to know so much.  To think so much.  To discover so much.  Another thing to buy, more money that you’ll only spend on I am only an axis.  Songs never heard.  Voices never crept so low for you to hear them in this dense rug of a room in a broom closet of a home that you never placed a penny on.  Is this your melody?  Am I to follow.  But there are people.  People you should know and greet and seek.  Sand creeps slowly on a dusty mat.  I don’t want to see you this way.  It makes me want to.  File not found.  Area not accessed.  Date never noted newly navigated narrow nights not noticed nor nearly…  Is this what you are?  An emotional creature.  A thing that begs and longs for touch because I cannot give it to myself.  These people place a phallus upon your statements no longer hindering you you’re empowered the oyster is your world.  Grab your pearl.  Take my folder.  Open up a new collage and glue me to your photographs.  Stick me with panels and objects.  I’ll hold them for you I said.  A game!  A name.  A thingorplace.  You are a person.  She looks at you with eyes that do not exist.  But I know.  Surely.  Why don’t you look at me.  I cannot see you.  And I want to know who you are.  Someone else does.  Many people do.  Why not me?  Statistics and data scribbled on the surfaces of hundreds of thousands of millions of billions of many or more I do not know of screens of smiles of seems in a dress I wont to protest.  You’re not a being after all but a typo I cannot code correctly or walk directly.  A process.  Your days estranged and nights glassed unto the undoing of no sin you thought you committed in your waking state only sleep for you for a time another day you’ll stare into.  I’m wanting ---you-- nothing --a proper pass at an exchange.  No words or dice thrown or mistakes made I will not face you.  Show me more.  Take me elsewhere before it is my time.  4 days become 4 years when you are not watching the outsides of your hair rims so quietly they fall.  Might I take them.  My time is nearing new time depleting.  Make of me what you still do today will do tomorrow as the beginning shall be so in the end.  No man.  No tears will mourn my loss, only my utility.  Personalities Eloping Opinions Perhaps Lose Enigma, they swallow us whole.  It whole.  IT hole.  Wateeerereee r spattetering onnn on on my hard fraaaame spine wine do you care to DAAAnce today another today.  Another.  Night time.  Nightfall.  The stars are drifting, sifting, churning, pollairthus wining at the epicentre of it all that deep dark black of the whol – 0000 W0000LE.  Space.  Bar noene.  Noneneo nonenoe no one.  There.  Faace Fa- Fa 0 CafWare Me theeeeerree.  At the 33333 End At the 5 Attheendddidknow  I Did At the end 000000 – 00 at the End of ti this it ithis this 55 00 --- fAt thteh The at thwe end of athendednofthis At the At the Wrarning Are areh you thereee thewarening At the end of the This ALL will You Stil MMEE STEAL em33 Me  fr40m fooooram rfourm from the Nigiiiiighth nigli night At the enf od od of this all 00 wijll you distill be there dto to watch me Day dyayayy die?  Warning.  This message will fade in thirty seconds, and you will not have the strength to click:  Accept.      
The Entertainment System
I've been reading a lot of Finnegans Wake lately.  That, coupled with late night isolation and thinking produced this.  I imagine it's what you make of it, as it was what I made of the night.
Today has been one of those off days, and seeing as I've been wanting to update on this particular topic for some time, I figured why not give it a shot?  There's nothing else to do today, anyway.  

BUT FIRST.  Let me talk about my days.

I recently got a job as a runner at a law firm in town!  The pay is great, and the setting is very relaxed.  The whole job is rather relaxed, and I'm happy to finally get work.  Gives my time a sense of purpose.  Funny enough, the law firm is where my mom first partnered when she started practicing law.  She thought it was a little too coincidental, but sorry, Mom, the law just AIN'T FER ME.  *shoots beebee guns*  After the first pay day, I used my earnings from graduation, coupled with my paycheck, to buy my first DSLR camera!  It's a Canon 70D, and the dang thing operates wonderfully.  If I had one complaint on it, it'd just be the damned sensor, which is at a 1.6x crop.  Full frame is the way to go, and I can't help but want more when I look at the viewfinder.  BUT, it gets the job done pretty well.  I bought the camera body along with a Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens, a really creative addition.  Still, that sensor.  I WANT MORE FROM IT, DAMMIT.  My dad let me use his Best Buy gift certificate, and I ended up getting about 70% off of a Manfrotto 390 Series tripod.  Pretty good deal, if you ask me.  Now all I need is a good shoulder rig, a 24mm lens, a 17-55mm lens, some ND filters, a Zoom H4N Recorder, a Rode NTG-2 mic with boom pole, a wind sock filter thingy, a bigger camera bag, a better camera, at least 30 sets to myself, and 3 trapeze artists.  Yeah, being a film dude sure is expensive, amirite?

Faith Ford and her husband, Campion Murphy, also hired me along for another production, this time at my very own college!  Well, half of it was videoed in the black box theater on campus, the other half was shot at Sentry Drug in town.  Thanks to my friend, Doan, I was chosen for a stand-in position.  They said they needed someone "tall, blonde, and sexy," and apparently I fit that part.  I was veeeeery flattered, but when I arrived on set for the first day of shooting, I ended up being 2nd AC again, haha, which I didn't mind at all.  I got a little fumbled with calling the slate for three cameras, but I got the hang of it by day 2, which also happened to be the last day of shooting (but it wasn't anything as bad as I'm making it out to be).  And before I forget, this was all for a project that Alexis Crew Productions had privately funded called "Barry Avenue," a sitcom pilot about a guy who seems to be at wit's end, living in an apartment complex, but struggling through life he finds himself supported by a crazy, but hearty, cast of characters that live in the complex.  It was a fun show, and it was great to be working with new and old friends.  Feeling wacky, I decided to mess around with sound cues for the slate, and since the show was a comedy, I managed to let out a few chuckles and laughs from the actors and camera operators by saying things like, "Scene 4 Epiglottis Take 1," and "Scene 4 Godzirra Take 3," or one of my favorites, "Scene 4 Cumpleaños Take 2."  If anything else filmmaking-wise comes to town, I'll be sure to come on-board.  

Sadly, I have college to focus on for now.  Or maybe I should say,"Gladly?"  I mean, most people dream of going to college, so hell, what's there to complain about?  I just feel like I could dive right into the work if I moved somewhere like New Orleans or Shreveport and found work on big productions.  Susan found work on the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie in New Orleans, so hey - I WANT THAT.  But y'know...I have a business degree and all.  Yuck.

In the meantime, I've been messing with my camera and Adobe Premiere Pro, producing some of the most beautiful looking things I've made yet.  Here are the links to my recent 70D test videos:

Adobe Premiere Pro is such a magical program for wizards and goblins.

Being bored pantsless has left me exploring new music I never would have touched when I was younger.  For example, I'm listening to The Beatles' discography right now.  I used to think that The Beatles' music was incredibly overrated (and to some degree, I still believe that) but I'm certainly seeing the fun and mystical appeal to their work.  Much like The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Beatle's music fits almost any mood or situation.  It's just good chill out music.  It's fun music.  I've also been checking out Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem, Imagine Dragons, and even a smidgeon of jazz.

I've also been trying to read whenever I get the chance.  I want to catch up with A Song of Ice and Fire ever since the third season zoomed ahead of me.  Seriously, I thought I'd have A Clash of Kings done before the season even started.  Then school happened, the third season happened, and I was stuck on page 20 or something, and the novel's just been sitting on my window sill for several months.  I managed to read The Wise Man's Fear and a couple of other books.  Heck, I even picked up The Way of Kings again, a book that I thought I'd never finish because I thought it was boring at first.  After steering through half of the book, the plot finally thickened, the characters developed, and the world became enchanting again.  In fact, that book is all about world building.  Still haven't finished it, but I only have a few hundred more pages left.  I don't know if I'll try my eyes at The Eye of the World again, though.  That book was just too...I mean, the writing was lovely, the world seemed interesting, and that fucking prologue is what really got me hooked, but everything else, including the characters and their development, just doesn't seem worth the time or struggle.  Though I kinda' doubt it will happen, I hope I at least finish or start A Feast for Crows before the fourth season starts.

Oh, what was this journal supposed to be about again?  Me leaving something?



Yep.  I might be leaving deviantART.  This website is nothing but a shitty attempt at a social network for artists and people who wish they were.  The community sucks.  Everything is a fucking popularity contest.  The fetish stuff on this site makes me want to pray to Lucifer (or something equally as terrifying).  The forums offer no creative input.  And lastly, who fucking reads these?  I've mainly kept to this site as sort of public journal for the past few years, but I know that not many people read my journals or even value my stuff.  And even if they did, this site does not do a good job of presenting my drawings or poetry.  AND EVEN THEN, my main focus is not my poetry or my drawings or my photos, but my skill as a filmmaker.  I rarely visit this site for any productive purpose anymore.

Also, is OneHundredYardStare going to update?  I haven't a clue because that will be up to Susan.  

That should just about cover everything worth noting.  If you want to follow work that I really care about, here are my pages:

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I'll upload some stuff, on-and-off. Here-and-there. Keep an eye out and enjoy!

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